Me on meeting Zendaya and Bella Thorne 19/05/12

 What can I say? It was absolutely brilliant! Just being in the same space as them made me breathless! They are truly fantastic people! Ok so I live in a small town called Lutterworth. I travelled 80 miles in the car to get down to Watford today. Totally worth the long tiring drive there and back. I get to the asda and It's like deserted. Im thinking "OMG is this the wrong asda?" So me, my mum and friends decide to take our chances and just go down there to see. So bout 5 minutes later I notice a really small sign from a distance. And it looked just like a picture of Zendaya and Bella. So I start to get closer and notice that its them! I look and noticed it said 10-11am. Not very long so I hoped everyone got to meet them. I get closer and then notice there was like 10 people in the line. I then thought, "Im so meeting them now!" At this time it was about 8am. That means I had to wait 2 hours in line. Slowest 2 hours ever but once again totally worth it! *1 hour later* The cue starts to become massive! I know that Zella are going to have a busy hour. And then, I turn around to notice 3 silver vans. And I just know that the vans were them. So everyone starts screaming there heads off! Including me! *1 hour later* Screaming begins again. Im wondering "what on earth is going on?" I then turn around the right way to notice everyone was going in! I freaked out and walked inside asda to see Kazembe near the stand. Me being one of the only ones who actually know bout Kazembe went bonkers and started screaming his name! I didn't care how silly I looked. I had my keyring, cd and scrapbook ready for them. I was nearly there. I couldn't believe it was happening. I got closer and closer, and eventually I was next. I was freaking out! Finally. It was me. I walked up with my two mates. The first thing that happens was Bella complementing me on my great hat! "OMG I love your cap! New York Yankees" I literally died inside when she said that! It felt great! I then gave them a scrapbook I had made thanks to twitter friends and then Bella had a massive smile on her face and said a massive "awwwww thank you!" I then get my keyring and CD out and ask for them to be signed. They both sign them one at a time and then I went behind the table to Zendaya. She smelt like sweets and it was just amazing. She hugged me and then leant over next to my head to take a photo whilst my friends did the same with Bella. I literally was having a mini heart attack inside when she touched me. She then told me "im really cool!" I started to cry. It was just fantastic! I can't believe my idol said I was cool! I then went back round to the other side of the table and took my signed items said "thank you" and left screaming inside! 

And that's the story on how I met Zella :D    

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